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Car rental and Van hire.
Car rental and Van hire.Car rental and Van hire.
Car rental and Van hire.

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Amigo Rent a Car is a car rental with years of experience in customers service both individual and corporate. The history of the company is all about millions of kilometres driven by thousands of satisfied customers. We guarantee the highest quality of services. We ensure fair and clear terms of cooperation. We execute each confirmed booking. In Amigo Rent a Car, you can be sure to receive a booked car in the indicated place and time.


While renting a car in Amigo Rent a Car we ensure a new, regularly serviced car in a perfect technical condition. We guarantee a refund in case of any car rental which is 3 years older than the first registration. Due to any unexpected situations we offer 24 hours technical assistance. We, also, pay great attention to children’s safety in our cars. That is why all child seats are equipped in modern and the safest fixing system ISOFIX. In the autumn- winter season all our vehicles have the winter tires.


Renting a car in Amigo Rent a Car is done quickly and in a friendly atmosphere. Our staff will answer, gladly, to all your questions concerning a car rental and its service. We are characterized by the minimum of formalities while renting a car and it only takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes. For your comfort, each car is clean and fully tanked in the moment of transfer. We accept payments by cards, however, most cars can be paid in cash in Polish zloty or any other currencies. (Euros or Pounds).


Using Amigo Rent a Car service you don’t have to pick-up the car from our departments. We will bring it to you with pleasure. We deliver the car free of charge in each city in which our departments are located. For minimum of payment we can deliver the vehicle to any other indicated place. When you fly – the car will be waiting for you at the airport! Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about transfer from the airport and at the same time, it makes your journey easier and quicker.


Due to your comfort while travelling each of our car is equipped in air – conditioning, the radio and a lot of other useful facilities. We own a wide range of cars which will suit different customers’ needs. We offer both small, economical types but also for more family travels. Furthermore, we have small and large vans. A part of our fleet are the cars with the automatic transmission – as one of the few, we have it in the most popular car classes.


We guarantee the highest quality at an affordable price. Our rates are even tens of percent lower than in other rental companies in the market. So if you want to rent a new, safe and well-kept car, Amigo Rent a Car is the best choice! We do not have any hidden costs and the total price covers all the taxes. Moreover, already after the second rental, you can receive the customer card, which will make the renting even cheaper and easier!

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